When is the Best Wedding Season

While planning a wedding, we consider a lot of things but often focus more on the budget, location, food to serve, and who to invite. The wedding date, however, proves to be equally important, if not more important, and should be the first point to decide on in your wedding planning process.

The season you hold your wedding affects your budget and choice of location, while the date determines who you may invite and every other subsequent wedding planning process.

Keep on reading as The Matthews House compares the benefits and downsides of holding a wedding during the four seasons and informs you about which wedding season is best for you and your partner’s celebration. 

Considering a Fall Wedding?

The months of September, October, and November bring natural fall beauty, and alongside this beauty comes comfort. During the fall season, the foliage changes from green to a variety of vibrant colors, and we have cooler weather, making the season a great option for you if you would love a gorgeous outdoor wedding. Moreover, flights are less expensive, and your choice of cuisine is expanded thanks to seasonal foods like pumpkins, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

It isn’t all rosy with the fall season, however. Fall is generally recognized as having the best weather for weddings. This means there is high demand for wedding venues, catering services, and photographers, among others, and the cost of securing these becomes a little more expensive than in other seasons. Your attendees may also be a little busier during this season as it can clash with school starting up again, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. 

Considering a Winter Wedding?

The winter months of December, January, and February are a direct contrast to the autumn season. Majorly, you have less competition for venues and wedding services, which makes prices negotiable. Going for a winter wedding is best if you love a unique snowy landscape, a beautiful dim candle-lit wedding, and wish to save the most money on your nuptials.

However, flight tickets are more expensive this season, and attendees are not guaranteed, considering that your wedding may clash with events to celebrate, such as Christmas and the New Year. 

Thinking About a Springtime Wedding?

Spring emerges from winter, and with this comes some of the best conditions to host a wedding. The months of March, April, and May are best if you want to have the most attendance at your wedding, as there are no major holidays, and everyone would love to come out to socialize after the winter isolation. You also have beautiful spring flowers and gardens, making it another excellent choice for outdoor weddings.

There are a couple of things to worry about, however. Firstly, the weather in spring is unpredictable, and your day could go from sunny and warm to rainy and cold. You may also see increased competition for wedding venues and services during April and May, making things more expensive.

Thinking About a Summertime Wedding?

Summer is the favorite season of the year for almost everyone as kids are on holiday, adults have more flexible work schedules, and days last up till 9 p.m. With June, July, and August additionally coming with natural beauty in the form of full-bloom flowers and bright sunny days, a summer wedding is excellent if you would love to have massive attendance at a long and lovely outdoor wedding.

Nonetheless, temperatures may go uncomfortably high, and your wedding date may clash with the attendees’ vacation periods. As a peak wedding season itself, you may see more competition and higher prices on venues and wedding services in summer. Holding your wedding ceremony on a weekday will relieve most of the stress.

Moving Forward After Deciding on Your Preferred Wedding Season

Once you have picked the best wedding season by comparing the pros and cons to what you really want, you then proceed to other aspects of your wedding planning. No matter the season you choose, it is also important to work with the right services to keep this wedding planning process seamless.

The Matthews House is an all-in-one wedding venue in downtown Cary, North Carolina, that is an amazing fit for any wedding season. With 12-hour venue access, room for up to 200 guests, and a day-of-wedding coordinator available to help with all of the last-minute details, our venue is perfect for you. We can also provide our trusted in-house catering services and use a varying range of in-house decorative items.

Contact us or call (919) 341-2126 for an event that will create memories that last a lifetime, regardless of the season you choose!

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